The Education Network’s introductory programs are designed to empower people to produce extraordinary results in their direct accountabilities in classrooms, committees, schools and communities.

Effective teachers convey a love of learning, give their students more confidence and inspire their best efforts, and interact effectively with colleagues, administrators and parents. They consistently produce remarkable results no matter what the circumstances – students with a history of low achievement, limited resources, lack of support from others, or drastic policy changes.

Virtually everyone who chooses a career in education envisions being this kind of teacher. Read more...

Access to Breakthrough Teaching

Leadership for Education is a three-day program for individuals who are committed to acquiring the fundamental skills to create visions, to inspire the commitment of others, to nurture creativity and to stimulate achievement. When participants apply these skills, read more...

People are driven by their vision and commitments, but often plagued by the feeling of powerlessness. A community provides a sense of greater efficacy, greater ability to have an impact on larger issues than anyone can do alone. 

The Future by Design is a vehicle for groups who are committed to creating and bringing about a future of their own choosing for their school, organization or community group. People in this program read more...

The Education Network also offers a variety of 3 ½ hour seminars for teacher in-service meetings, and for parents, community and other groups committed to education.  Participants are trained in conversations that focus on topics such as:

Appreciation and Accomplishment in Education addresses creating an environment of respect, cooperation and support. Participants discover how to have appreciation in all interactions, relationships and environments, create appreciation and respect in difficult situations, and have a sense of accomplishment daily, weekly or constantly. Participants also learn how to have their students organize themselves for their own accomplishments in education.

From Problems to Power teaches participants how to use the 'breakdown technology' to transform problems into opportunities as a means of refocusing and refueling their vision and commitments. The way we normally deal with problems has people trying to solve the explanation for the problem, rather than interacting directly with the most important issues. Instead of becoming defeated or sidetracked by obstacles and failures, they are an access to potent, effective action.

The Power of Listening For reveals the immeasurably greater impact that can be made by brilliant and insightful listening, since we have the opportunity to listen most of the time. Participants discover the effects of the way they normally listen. They then learn how to produce results with unexpected effortlessness by consciously designing how and for what they are listenng: for example, being able to hear partnership and appreciation where before they heard only antagonism and criticism.

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Stand-Alone Programs
Leadership for Education
The Future by Design